Our Services

We manage partial or totally urban tourist accommodation. Tourist apartments, youth hostels, hotels, accommodations, hostales and tourist houses.

Comprehensive Management

We manage partial or totally tourist urban accommodation in each of the forms described, Administration, accountancy, tax, manteniance with own staff or from a third party, for the right management of the establishment.

Accountancy Advice and Management

We carry out the integral accounting of the company according to normative and PGC in force. Tax advice, liquidation and filing of quarterly and yearly taxes. Corporate tax. Informative statements. Annual accounting books and preparation and presentation of annual accounts.

Revenue Management for Hotels/Hostels

Was created from the necessity of managing the income of stablishments that because of their size cannot afford a Sales and Revenue department. The increase of the tourism in Spain and the growth of the accommodation offer makes the pricing strategy even more complex.

These key factors create the necessity of a dedicated tracking of competitors prices and rate settings


Management and Sale of Groups

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