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General Manager of the group. The helm of our ship. Always looking for new challenges.

“Expert in paddling against the current and getting out of the storm”.


Director of Operations. The creator of all the processes that the company needs to make everything flow..

“Always make sure no one loses their way”.



No calm sea ever made a sailor an expert.

“Analysis and profitability is his passion and he carries it in his ADR.”.


100% customer oriented. Persuasive, approachable and fun.

“Dedication and unconditional love”.

Marketing & SEO

In constant movement, restless. Always observing and listening to what is going on around him.

“Changing, evolving for the better”



In charge of the fiscal and financial department. Thanks to your organization we are not lost.

“He has the superpower to know everything”.


He manages the accounting department, makes sure we balance the books and that everything is in order.

“It’s the smile of the office”.


Administrative and accounting management: Fast, effective and versatile, what more could you ask for?

“Efficiency and friendship, the perfect combination”


Hôme Youth Hostel

Unsuccessful astronaut ❤️ Analytical, goal-oriented, intuitive and excellent partner.

“Always in search of profitability”.

About us

A global solution for your business

We manage partial or totally urban tourist accommodation. Tourist apartments, youth hostels, hotels, accommodations, hostales and tourist houses.

About us. About Feet Up Group
About us. About Feet Up Group